Article No. VK-10400

Ultrasonic echoscope GS200

High-resolution ultrasonic measurement system for ultrasonic measurements using single-element transducers,
Delivery includes manual, power cable, USB cable, software

The ultrasonic echoscope GS200 is a high-resolution ultrasonic measurement system for connection to a PC or an oscilloscope. Ultrasonic probes equipped with robust snap-in connectors can be operated at two connections as a transmitter/receiver (reflection) and/or as a transmitter or receiver (transmission) as preferred. The operation mode of the probes is selected directly on the device. With the adjustable transmission and receiver power, the ultrasonic signals can be adjusted to almost any examination object. Losses in intensity of the ultrasonic signals from lower examination areas can be balanced out by time gain control (TGC). Threshold, starting point, end point and slope of the TGC can be freely selected.When used with an oscilloscope the most important signals (trigger, TGC, US signal and A-scan signal) can be tapped at BNC sockets.For PC operation, the ultrasonic echoscope GS200 is connected to the PC via USB. A comprehensive signal analysis (US and A-scan signal, B image, M mode, spectral analysis) is performed with the supplied measurement software. The measurement range, i.e. the interesting range of time-of-flight or depth can be freely selected and sampling rates between 10 and 100 MHz can be chosen.There is a large range of ultrasonic probes (1 MHz, 2 MHz and 4 MHz) and accessories for practical experiments. The range of subjects reaches from the physical basics of ultrasound to applications in industry and medicine. Together with the scanner system (order no. 60200 and 60210) experimental arrangements can be set up for ultrasonic computer tomography and mechanical scanning procedures.

Dimensions: 226 mm × 169 mm × 325 mm (W × H × D)
Frequency: 1-5 MHz
PC connection: USB
Measuring modes: reflection and transmission
Transmission signal: 0-300 Volt
Transmission level: 0-30 dB
Gain: 0-35 dB
TGC: 0-30 dB, threshold, wide (width), slope, start
Outputs: TGC, trigger, TGC, US signal, A-scan signal
Mains voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Measuring software in A-Mode

Measuring software in A-Mode

The GS200 echoscopes are delivered with the new measurement software GS-EchoView (Windows 7 and higher). The programme interface is clearly divided into three areas: measurement parameters, measurement diagrams and device and status information.The general and special (dependent on the measurement mode) framework conditions for a measurement and its analysis and imaging are specified via the measuring parameters (sampling rate, measurement range). After the start of measuring, the programme controls and/or triggers the echoscope. The measurement data obtained are automatically called and processed by the programme.The measurement results are centrally presented in the form of diagrams. Depending on the measurement mode, different diagrams can be shown, or hidden, next to each other for the analysis and presentation of the measurement data.



Measuring software in A-Mode

Measuring software in A-Mode

In the A-Mode, for example, the measurement signal of an amplitude scan is shown as a time-of-flight signal (or depth-of-field signal) in the A-scan diagram. In parallel with this, the TGC setting can be displayed in a second diagram. In addition, two more diagrams can be shown that allow a frequency analysis of the US signal by means of Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) and a Cepstrum analysis of the FFT spectrum.The diagrams have measurement cursors for reading off individual values and toolbars for further zoom, saving and adjustment functions.In addition to the A-mode, measurements can also be carried out in the following measuring modes:
B-Mode: generating of 2-dimensional US sectional images (B images) hand-operated with a single-element transducer,
M-Mode: recording of the chronological sequence of moving reflective layers using the time-motion method,
CT-Mode: computer tomography ultrasonic examinations, mechanically operated B-image scans or sound field scans.On the right-hand side of the programme window, device information such as operation mode, transmission level, gain, configuration of the probe connections and status information of the software are shown in a clear fashion.

Setup GS-EchoView (version / 2021 incl. program module GS-Image for GS200i)