Laboratory and Industry

Labor - BCFL400

The self-calibrating BubbleCounterFlowLab BCFL400, based on the ultrasonic Doppler method, is able to reliably detect and classify microbubbles down to a diameter of a few µm. With the additionally connectable clamp-on flow probes, the flow rate can be monitored and controlled. Due to the device parameters, the measuring system is excellently suited for laboratory investigations.

Labor - FS400

​The FluidoScope FS400 ultrasonic Doppler measuring device is a sophisticated measuring system designed to detect the scattering of ultrasonic waves by bubbles or particles in a flowing liquid. It is also used to measure attenuation and to accurately determine the volumetric flow rate of the liquid.

The wide range of ultrasonic probes provides the user with numerous parameters to characterize liquids and their changes in real time. The associated PC software offers various tools for displaying and evaluating the measured signals. The evaluations are carried out simultaneously with the measurement and are presented in the form of diagrams.

The combination of microbubble and flow probes enables the precise determination of the gas or particle concentration. By using pencil probes with different frequencies, the frequency-dependent backscattering can be analyzed. In addition, the selection of different gate depths enables the frequency-dependent attenuation to be determined.

Industrie - Layerscan

Layerscan2 is an innovative process monitoring system that detects contamination and deposits in real time, regardless of their composition. It detects organic and inorganic deposits with a high degree of reliability and can detect even the first deposits and process instabilities as an early warning system.