Layerscan2 – makes traces visible

Layerscan2 detects soiling and deposits in real time

Layerscan2 is an innovative process monitoring system that detects contamination and deposits in real time, regardless of their composition. It detects organic and inorganic deposits with a high degree of reliability and can detect even the first deposits and process instabilities as an early warning system.

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By adapting Layerscan2 to real processes using emulation software, the sensor system can reproduce almost all industrial processes. Chemical, rheological and thermodynamic parameters of the real process are accurately reproduced, as are constructive process characteristics such as material and material thickness.

Using Layerscan2 to monitor processes leads to technical and economic optimizations, including reduced energy costs due to improved heat transfer, lower probability of corrosion, optimized use of process additives, reduced cleaning and predictable maintenance costs.

The advantages of Layerscan2 for the process lie in the ability to monitor all factors that cause deposits as sum parameters. This includes process additive dosing faults, measurement errors, treatment plant faults and changes in water quality.

The installation and operation of Layerscan2 requires little maintenance as the sensor system does not drift or age during operation and no recalibration is required. Self-monitoring routines detect measurement errors and malfunctions and issue alarms, while a control device makes it possible to check for deposits in the process.

Layerscan im Einsatz bei der Südzucker AG

Layerscan2 in use

Layescan2 Broschüre

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Layerscan2 is used technically in various industries, including power plants, the food industry, mining, the chemical industry, waste water plants, the paper industry and drinking water treatment. It was developed in Germany and is manufactured down to the last screw at GAMPT in Merseburg.



Layerscan2 with control device


Layerscan2 with control device and shut-off valve