Ultrasound in Education

Here you will find ultrasound devices, sets for ultrasound experiments for students at universities and technical colleges as well as compact ultrasound experiments for school.

Ultrasound in Medicine

The Bubble Counter BCC300 developed by GAMPT is an ultrasound device for the detection of microbubbles and for flow measurement in clinical use and in the laboratory.

Sound Field Measurement Technique

With our hydrophones (membrane hydrophones, HIFU etc.) and accessories (3D sound field scanner with holders and absorber) you have the perfect technology for measuring and characterizing the sound fields of ultrasonic sensors.


Online Product Presentation


Take advantage of the opportunity and get to know our products comfortably from your workplace in an online product presentation! Participation is completely free of charge and the duration of the presentation depends entirely on your schedule. Our offer also applies to our customers who already have one of our devices in use.

Risk-free intracranial pressure measurement with ultrasound

Risikofreie Hirndruckmessung mit Ultraschall

In collaboration with the research team of the Institute of Radiology at the Charité Berlin led by Prof. Ingolf Sack, GAMPT is developing new medical diagnostic methods (THED) for the non-invasive examination of organs using the time-harmonic elastography method (THE).