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Research and Development at GAMPT

We, company GAMPT mbH, want to be seen as a problem solver for measuring and control problems in medicine and technique. Because of our personnel structure (very high share in natural scientists with university diploma) and our know-how in sensor technology and electronic measuring equipment we are able to focus on customer problems and to offer solutions from modules to the complete PC-controlled measuring station.
The focus lays on developments based on ultrasonic measuring methods but also solutions based on e.g. pressure or temperature measurements.

Our performance profile:

  • basic research by order to expand the know how of the customer and patent-protected coverage of his market postion
  • examination and characterization of the essential parameters of the existing customer measuring and control technique with the aim to optimize it
  • development of sensor and measuring modules as OEM for businesses
  • development and -on request- production of complete systems which include next to the sensor technology also modules for the data processing (µC- and/or PC-controlled) including the necessary software
  • highly sensitive adapted measuring systems or also inexpensive serial measuring systems

All services can be generated/performed/provided as:

  • contracted order history with one-time payment and/or licensing
  • cooperation project with mutual use
  • funded project supported by state/federal government

For the basic research and special projects we cooperate with:

  • universities and technical colleges (e.g. university Halle, college Coburg)
  • Fraunhofer institutes (e.g. ISE Freiburg)
  • federal institutes (e.g. PTB Braunschweig)
  • other SMB