Article No. VK-60200

CT Scanner for GS200/GS200i

Scanner system with sample holder and two step motors with exact angle positioning necessary for the rotation and linear shifting of the test sample to carry out experiments on the subject of computer tomography using ultrasound, Delivery includes CT sample holder (article no. 60124)

It is not only in diagnostic medicine that computer tomography (CT) is an important method for investigating inner structures but also in material testing. The principle of tomographic imaging is here independent of the measuring method used. In addition to the well-known methods of nuclear spin tomography NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and X-ray tomography, other measurement values are also recorded by means of tomography, e.g. positron emission tomography (PET) and ultrasonic tomography. The CT scanner achieves the rotation and linear shifting of the sample necessary for tomography. When this is combined with the CT control unit and the ultrasonic device GAMPT-Scan, a versatile computer tomography device can be built up. The scanner possesses a sample table for holding suitable test objects. The sample table is turned via a step motor, with exact angle positioning. A second step motor carries out the longitudinal movement with a spatial resolution of < 10 µm. The sample table is dipped in a sample reservoir. The complete slide is adjustable in height, so that the area of investigation of the sample can be adapted. During the measurement, the scanner moves the sample back and forth between the ultrasonic probes coupled to the sample reservoir from the outside, in accordance with the CT algorithm.In addition to this the scanner opens up a large number of possibilities for practical work in application for cross-sectional imaging. The sample table here acts as a probe holder for a GAMPT ultrasonic probe (1 MHz, 2 MHz or 4 MHz). The test object , e.g. the transparent/black test block or the breast phantom is placed in the sample basin and scanned with the scanner control unit. For this, the scanner can be controlled manually or with the provided AScan software. The recorded B-scan images are free of movement artefacts and exact local assignment is possible. The images are of high quality, because scans can be carried out with high line density (see also: CT control unit).

Linear movement
approx. 400 mmresolution < 10 µm
max. motion speed 18 cm/min

Rotary movement
360°resolution 0.225°
max. rotating speed 1 rpm

210 mm × 353 mm × 520 mm
Maintenance-free sliding bearing