Continuous Wave Ultrasound (equipment and materials for education)

Article No. VK-20100

CW Generator SC600

Ultrasonic generator for producing continuous high-powered ultrasonic waves over a wide frequency range of up to 20 MHz

Article No. VK-20200


Sample reservoir with adjustments, ultrasonic multifrequency probe and laser module for exact positioning of the components for the generation of standing waves during the Debye-Sears experiment

Article No. VK-20211

Laser Module (green)

Green laser module with a wavelength of approx. 532 nm for connection to the cw ultrasonic generator SC600 (article no. 20100)

Article No. VK-20225

AOM Sample Reservoir

Sample reservoir made of glass with fixed laser and lens support offers optimal conditions for sound reflection for the production of standing waves and radiography with laser light, suitable for all liquids

Article No. VK-20230

Projection Lens

Plano-convex optical lens for experiments to produce a divergent laser beam, lens diameter: 12.5 mm

Article No. VK-20227

Acoustic Absorber

Absorbermat made of special silicone material for the prevention of undesired sound reflections in the AOM experiments or when using the thermoacoustic sensor, dimensions: 110 mm x 90 mm