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Article No. VK-MED02

MED02 Ultrasonic imaging at breast phantom (mammasonography)

Examination of a realistic breast phantom with tumors and their localization and estimation of their size in the B-scan method

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Subject matter of the experiment

The examination of a realistic breast phantom with tumours and their localisation and the estimation of their size in the B-Scan method demonstrate a typical application of ultrasound in medical diagnostics.

Keywords: Reflection, scattering, ultrasonic imaging methods, pulse echo method, A-Scan, B-Scan, mammasonography, tumour size

Theoretical and practical aspects of the experiment

Mammasonography – the ultrasonic examination of the breast – is, together with mammography (X-ray examination) the most important imaging method for the diagnosis of benign and malignant changes in the breast tissue. It is used in the early detection of breast cancer. The strength of sonography lies in particular in the distinguishing of changes consisting of solid tissue and cavities filled with liquids (cysts). This method can be used, for example, to guide a biopsy from the breast. Immediately before an operation, the ultrasonic examination can show the exact location of the findings and thus make it possible for the physician to make a targeted intervention. In the experiment, a realistic breast model is first of all examined for any pathological changes by palpating with the fingers. The two tumours included are found during this and their approximate location is determined. The found areas are then examined with the ultrasonic probe in the A-Scan mode, suitable device parameters and a suitable orientation of the ultrasonic probe are set. Using the settings found, a B-Scan image of the breast model is recorded and analysed along a selected line.


The ultrasonic B-Scan image recorded with the measurement software shows the tumours with an oval shape and slightly inclined axis (yellow marks). The attenuation in the tumour tissue is increased, causing a sound shadow on the back wall of the breast phantom (blue marks).

B-Scan of the first tumour

B-Scan of the first tumour

B-Scan of the second B-Scan of the second[/caption