Experiments in Physics (for higher education)

Article No. VK-PHY05

PHY05 Spectral investigations

Demonstration of the difference between the spectrum of a pulse and the spectra of periodic signals using the simple model of multiple reflection at a plate

Article No. VK-PHY07

PHY07 Shear waves in solids

Investigation of the formation and propagation of longitudinal and shear acoustic waves in solids based upon the ultrasonic transmission through a plane parallel plate at different angles of incidence

Article No. VK-PHY08

PHY08 Ultrasonic B-Scan

Demonstration of the basics of the B-scan method by recording the ultrasonic cross-sectional image of a simple test object "by hand" using an ultrasonic echoscope

Article No. VK-PHY20

PHY20 Determination of focus zone

Characterization of the sound fields of two ultrasonic probes of different frequencies by scanning reflection and transmission with a hydrophone (near field length, focus zone, axial resolution power)