Article No. VK-10154

Ultrasonic Probe 4 MHz

Single-element transducer with a frequency of 4 MHz suitable for detection of smallest structures, waterproof

The 4 MHz probes marked in green are characterised by extremely short decay behaviour and therefore maximum axial resolution. They are used in particular where very small structures need to be resolved.
The probes have a robust metal housing and are waterproof. They are supplied with a special connector for connection to the GS200 / GS200i.
To connect the probe to a GAMPT-Scan or FlowDop use the adapter VK-10401.
To connect the probe to an oszilloscope with BNC connector use the adapter VK-20285.

Frequency: 4 MHz
Dimensions: length = 70 mm, diameter = 27 mm
Cable length: approx. 1 mSound adaptation to water/acrylic
Special plug with probe identification for connection to GS200 / GS200i