Article No. VK-19011

B-Scan Ultrasonography (Ultrasound Experimental Set 11)

Application-oriented investigation of possibilities and limitations of the B-scan technique and practice of fundamental

Ultrasound imaging based on the B-scan method is an important tool in medical diagnostics. Similar to the X-ray or MRI methods, the B-scan ultrasonography provides sectional images of the internal structure of a technical body or an organism, however without exposing it to radiation exposure.This simple set enables application-oriented experiments for the training and practical courses of the medical and medical-technical disciplines. With the experimental set, the possibilities and limitations of the B-scan technique can be investigated and the fundamental handling of an B-scan ultrasound device can be trained.For practical experiments, the Set includes an ultrasound fetal phantom and a second selectable ultrasound model (see Equipment). The set can be extended by further ultrasound models.In order to image the internal structures of the phantoms, an array probe is used, as it is used for example in medicine for examinations of the abdominal cavity. This ultrasound probe has an array of 64 convexly arranged individual transducer elements.The internal structures can be imaged and their dimensions can be measured by means of the measuring and control software. In addition, the influence of various parameters (focusing, dynamic range, graphic filters, brightness, contrast etc.) on the signal and image processing can be examined. Description for Experiment
10420 Ultrasound test phantom MED07 Experiment for the ultrasound test phantom