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Article No. VK-10420

Ultrasound Test Phantom

Tissue-equivalent phantom including test structures for quality assurance and evaluation of the accuracy and performance of ultrasonic imaging systems

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Tissue-equivalent phantoms are used for quality assurance and evaluation of the accuracy and performance of imaging ultrasonic systems. The phantoms are made of materials possessing physical characteristics similar to the acoustic characteristics of human tissue. Different kinds of test structures can be embedded in the tissue-equivalent material, allowing objective and comparable evaluation of imaging characteristics of ultrasonic devices. Routine checks with test phantoms can reveal changes in image quality, which could be due to e.g. a deterioration of system components. The test phantoms are generally adapted to specific groups of equipment.

Together with the GS200i echoscope (order no. 10410) and a convex array transducer, they allow a demonstrative introduction or realistic training in the use of test phantoms resembling tissue. Phenomena and factors of sound propagation (time of flight, sound velocity, reflection, acoustic attenuation, sound field, resolution) can be examined by means of the structures in the phantom. The influence of typical signal and image processing factors (focussing, dynamic range, graphic filters, brightness, contrast) can also be demonstrated.

Please note: Test phantom is not calibrated according to standards! Phantom is suitable for student training.

Technical Data

Ultrasound image of the phantom

Dimensions: 270 mm × 200 mm × 60 mm (W × H × D)

Phantom body
Material: polyurethane
Velocity of sound: approx. 1460 m/s

Test structures
Material: CRP rods, Ø = 0.5 mm
„Dead zone“ group (15 targets, vertical spacing 2 mm)
vertical group (10 targets, 15 mm spacing)
two horizontal groups (5 targets each, spacing 20 mm, depths approx. 3.3 and 9.3 cm)
two axial-lateral resolution groups (11 targets each, spacing 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 mm, depths 6.3 and 12.3 cm)


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