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Article No. VK-10430

Ultrasound Fetal Phantom

Tissue-equivalent phantom including a fetus model for teaching basics of sonographic fetometrics and training of determining fetometric variables

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Sonographic examinations during pregnancy have now become standard. It is generally recommended to have three ultrasonic examinations.In addition to the assessment of the position of the child and of the placenta, the amount of amniotic fluid or the heart rate, the foetus is also measured (fetometrics). Different fetometric variables are measured depending on the age of the foetus. Based on these measurements, the doctor can e.g. judge whether the foetus has developed in line with its age or if there are possibly malformations or developmental delays. When used together with the GS200i echoscope (order no. 10410) or the Gi210 echoscope (order no. 10412) and a convex multi-element ultrasonic transducer for the abdominal area, the fundamentals of sonographic fetometrics can already be taught in pre-clinical training with the ultrasound fetal phantom from GAMPT.The size of the foetus model corresponds roughly to the size of a foetus in the 15th to 17th week of pregnancy. The following variables can be measured on the model:
• the crown-rump length (CRL)
• the biparietal diameter (BPD)
• the fronto-occipital diameter (FRO)
• the head circumference (HC)
• the femur length (FL)

Note: Please use only water as coupling medium (no gel). For this purpose, the water should be poured into the upper part of the phantom so that the transducer can be immersed well.

Technical Data

Ultrasound image of the phantom

Dimensions: approx. 170 mm × 155 mm × 95 mm (B × H × T)

Phantom body
Material: polyurethane
Sound velocity: approx. 1460 m/s

Fetus model
Material: polyurethane contrast particles
Sound velocity: approx. 1460 m/s


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