Article No. VK-MED09

MED09 Mamma sonography

Examination of realistic breast models with cysts and tumors using ultrasound B-image method

Introduction to ultrasound imaging diagnostics based on the B-scan method by examining realistic breast models with fluid-filled cysts or malignant tumours.

Keywords: Ultrasound diagnostics, ultrasound imaging, B-scan method, array probe, breast sonography, cyst, tumour, artefact

Mammary sonography is the examination of the breast with the help of the ultrasound B-scan procedure. It is used in medical diagnostics as a supplement to palpation and X-ray mammography.The possibilities and limits of the B-scan procedure can be examined and the basic handling of an ultrasound B-scan device trained using the example of two realistic breast replicas.Both breast models are made of a material that simulates the haptic properties of real soft tissue and enables ultrasound images with tissue-like texture and echogenicity. One of the breast replicas has fluid-filled, non-palpable cysts and the other has malignant, palpable tumours.