Article No. VK-19009

Ultrasonic CT (computer tomography) and scan methods (Ultrasound Experimental Set 9)

Comprehensive and clear introduction into structure and function of computer tomography measuring systems using ultrasound

With this set, comprehensive and clear experiments can be carried out on special measuring procedures by means of ultrasound. The focus is upon conveying knowledge of the structure and function of computer tomography measuring systems. The tomography that is familiar from use in medical X-ray diagnostics is based on attenuation effects and analysis with convolution algorithms, regardless of the type of measurement signal used (X-ray, nuclear spin, ultrasound etc.). The creation of a CT image is explained and demonstrated in the experiment (PHY09) step by step using the example of ultrasonic tomography. By using ultrasound as a measurement signal, two different images can be recorded and analysed, the attenuation and sound velocity tomogram of the test object. Your own test objects can also be scanned. This enables you to make practical work for students interesting.The set is also excellently suitable for scanning any samples you choose. This way, cross-sectional images (B-Scans) of medical objects, such as e.g. of the breast phantom, can be represented with high image quality as well as line scans of different test blocks from the field of non-destructive testing. The scan images have high lateral resolution. By using different probes, the measurement parameters can be adjusted to the appropriate test objects.To deepen knowledge of ultrasonic measuring technology, e.g. in the training of medical technicians, the scanner can also be used for the measurement of sound field characteristics such as beam width, focus zone, intensity distribution and near-field length of an ultrasonic probe. An understanding of the characteristics of complex interference patterns within the sound field of an ultrasonic probe is a decisive requirement for improving image quality in medical diagnostics.
The set includes a large number of subject areas, so that it can be used to carry out sophisticated experiments in almost all medical, scientific and technical fields of training. Description for Experiment
10221 Breast phantom MED02 Ultrasonic imaging at breast phantom (mammasonography)