Article No. VK-10221

Ultrasound Breast Model with Benign Tumors

Realistic silicone breast model with two palpable occlusions simulating benign tumors to carry out experiments on the subject of medical diagnostics (breast tumor diagnosis).For educational purposes only

The breast phantom made of silicone rubber possesses two occlusions. These are intended to simulate benign tumours. The location of the tumours can first be palpated so that a targeted ultrasonic investigation can then be carried out. The tumours can be well shown with a hand-guided B-scan (compound scan) and/or with imaging in the linear scanner (better resolution due to better coupling and local assignment). The position and size of the tumours can be determined from the B-scan image. This breast phantom is thus very suitable as a practical example in the ultrasound training of medics.

Material: silicone
Inclusions: two movable tumours at a depth of approx. 10 mm, diameter approx. 20 mm

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