Article No. VK-19002

Ultrasound in Medicine (Ultrasound Experimental Set 2)

Application of ultrasound technology in medical diagnostics, especially suitable for medical and medical-technical vocational training at colleges

This set has been developed for medical vocational training for students at technical colleges and at medical-technical subjects. The main subject focus is upon the application of ultrasound technology in medical diagnostics.In assembling the experiments, great importance has been attached to, above all, comprehensive conveying of fundamental knowledge, before the different diagnostic ultrasound techniques such as A-Scan, B-Scan and M-mode are explained in further experiments.For example, first of all physical parameters and phenomena relating to the propagation of mechanical waves such as sound velocity, reflection and absorption, frequency dependences of spacial resolution and the fundamental technical parameters of ultrasound devices are dealt with. Then, using selected examples from biometry, echocardiography, and mammasonography, the individual imaging processes of medical diagnostics are explained and different measurement tasks are solved.This promotes the understanding of the connections between the physical characteristics of an ultrasound wave and the possibilities and limitations in medical use.