Article No. VK-10351

Hydrophone Set for Echoscope (BNC)

Set including a hydrophone for connection to an echoscope, holders and sample reservoir to carry out experiments investigating ultrasound propagation phenomena and sound fields

With this set, different experiments can be carried out for investigating ultrasound propagation phenomena and sound fields. It contains a hydrophone (BNC), with which the sound pressure amplitudes in the frequency range of 1-5 MHz can be measured with a lateral resolution of approx. 3 mm. To determine the focus zone of an ultrasonic probe the set contains a small sample reservoir and an appropriate hydrophone support. With this, the sound field along the sound axis can be measured by simple pushing of the hydrophone by hand and the focus zone of the probe can be determined. At the same time, this arrangement is suitable for the determining of the phase and group velocity with the cw generator SC600 (order no. 20100). One part of the hydrophone holding appliance can be directly adapted to the sample holder of the CT scanner (order no. 60100). Therefore, the lateral distribution of the sound pressure amplitude can also be recorded at high resolution with the hydrophone.

Frequency range: 1-5 MHz
Dimensions: length = 125 mm, width = 24 mm
Active sensor area: diameter = 3 mm
Cable length: approx. 1 m Description
10214 Sample reservoir
10215 Probe support
10350 Hydrophone
10252 Hydrophone support plate
60123 Hydrophone support