Article No. VK-20100

CW Generator SC600 incl. manual and power plug

Ultrasonic generator for producing continuous high-powered ultrasonic waves over a wide frequency range of up to 20 MHz

The cw generator SC600 permits the generation of continuous sound waves (continuous wave – cw) with high power over a wide frequency range up to 20 MHz. Additional the output can be switched to burst or pulse mode. The transmission frequency can be digitally adjusted in 1 Hz steps and is shown on a display. The sound power can also be adjusted. It is controlled via the transmission voltage on the ultrasound transformer and can be switched on and off separately. The transmission mode is displayed by an indicator light. The transmission voltage and current are shown by a LCD display. The limit of transmission current can be adjusted up to 1000 mA to protect the ultrasonic probe from overheating. A sinusoidal signal with a maximum amplitude of 46 Vpp is available at the transmission output. The cw generator SC600 is specially adapted for connection of the GAMPT multifrequency probe (order no. 20139). With this, ultrasonic waves can be produced in the range of 1-13 MHz.Furthermore, the transmission frequency is present as a TTL signal at a BNC connector and as a low power signal (sine, square, triangle) at an other BNC connector. That means the SC600 can also be used as a flexible signal generator.In addition, an appropriate voltage output is available for controlling the laser diodes (red, green and blue; order no. 20210, 20211, 20212) when they are used for the Debye-Sears experiment or the central projection of standing waves. The output voltage can be adjusted and displayed. This can also be separately switched on and off and is equipped with an indicator light.

Frequency: ≤ 20 MHz
Frequency graduation: 1 Hz
Signal amplitude ultrasound generator: 2-46 Vpp
Transmission signal output: cw/burst/pulse signal, on-off switch, LED indicator light
TTL output: 0-5 V, square wave signal
Signal generator output: sine/triangle/square with cw/burst/pulse, max. signal amplitude 2.5 Vpp
Connection for laser module: adjustable, on-off switch, LED indicator light
Display: current, voltage, frequency and mode(cw/burst/pulse) or alternative laser voltage, signal generator amplitude and type (sine/triangle/square), burst length and pulse repetition frequency
Dimensions: 255 mm × 170 mm × 265 mm (B × H × T)
Mains voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz