Article No. VK-20224

AOM Probe Adjustment

Cover for sample reservoir (article no. 20225) with probe support for firm holding of a multifrequency probe (article no. 20139)

This cover for the glass sample reservoir (order no. 20225) possesses a probe support for firm holding of the multifrequency probe (order no. 20138). This can be further secured with a screw. The sprung suspended adjusting washer with the probe support is adjusted with three-point adjustment with adjusting screws, so that the probe and thus the emitted sound wave can be optimally oriented to the laser beam. With a precisely perpendicular orientation of the sound axis and a spacing adapted to the wavelength, a standing wave can be generated. This means a maximum of orders of diffraction and/or resolution as sharp as possible in the imaging of the central projection.

Material: POM
Dimensions: 123 mm × 52 mm × 105 mm (B × H × T)
Three-point adjustment with probe support