Article No. VK-20400

Thermoacoustic Sensor

Measuring unit with sensor and measuring amplifier for determining the local average intensity of ultrasonic waves,Delivery includes connection cables for a voltmeter (currently not available)

The thermoacoustic sensor is a very simple and cheap measuring method for determining the local average intensity of ultrasonic waves. The sensor works based on the transformation of sound energy into heat within a very small cylindrical absorber. The heating is proportional to the irradiated intensity and is transformed into a voltage signal by means of a thermocouple and a measuring amplifier. The voltage signal can be registered using a simple voltmeter or recorded via a USB interface with the PC. For the compensation of the ambient temperature the measuring amplifier has a zero balancing. The set is supplied including the connection cables for a voltmeter.The thermoacoustic sensor has a high sensitivity and a high local resolution power, due to the very small active area, so that the intensity distribution of sound fields can also be measured.

Measuring range: 0.1-5 W/m²
Active sensor area: ≈ 0.2 mm²
Lateral resolution: ≈ 0.5 mm
Dimensions of probe head:- diameter ≈ 8 mm,- length ≈ 16 mm

Measuring amplifier:
Signal output: ± 10 V DC
Zero balancing (temperature compensation)
Dimensions: 80 mm × 107 mm × 140 mm
Power Supply: 100-240 V Spare parts
20410 Thermoacoustic probe
20420 Measuring amplifier
20421 Cables for voltmeter