Article No. VK-20200


Sample reservoir with adjustments, ultrasonic multifrequency probe and laser module for exact positioning of the components for the generation of standing waves during the Debye-Sears experiment

The generation of standing waves for the Debye-Sears experiment and the projection of ultrasonic waves in a special sample reservoir, with the probe adjustment of which the ultrasonic probe can be aligned so that incidence is precisely perpendicular. In addition, a laser support – with lens holder – arranged perpendicularly to the sound axis is attached, which allows exact positioning of the laser beam in the sound field and the insertion of a lens for the generation of a divergent laser beam (for central projection).

Sample reservoir:
glass   | with laser support and lens holder   |   123 mm × 115 mm × 144 mm

Probe adjustment:
POM   |   three-point adjustment   |   123 mm × 52 mm × 105 mm

Ultrasonic probe:
1-13 MHz   |   metal housing   |   mouldedLaser module:red   |   ≈ 650 nm   |   Laser class 3R (EN 60825-1)