Article No. VK-10218

Shear Wave Set

Acrylic and aluminium samples with holder and sample reservoir for measuring angle-dependent transition from longitudinal to shear waves

If an ultrasonic wave hits a solid body at an oblique angle, shear waves are generated with an increasing angle. Shear waves have a sound velocity that differs from the longitudinal wave. With this experiment equipment, the angle-dependent transition from longitudinal to shear waves can be measured. The measurement is carried out in transmission with two fixed probes (1 MHz, order no. 10151). The sample holder can be longitudinally shifted on the sample reservoir and has an angle scale. The elastic constants of the material can be determined from the measurement of the longitudinal and transversal velocity of sound. Acrylic, aluminium and POM (POM is not included with the set, order no. 10212) are available as sample materials. With the aluminium sample, this experiment arrangement is also suitable for determining the attenuation of ultrasound in liquids (water, glycerine, oil,… ) due to the adjustable and movable sample plate.

Sample holder with angle scale 0-360° in 5° steps
Sample material 1: acrylic (transparent), Sound velocity ≈ 2700 m/s longitudinal and ≈ 1450 m/s transversal
Sample material 2: aluminium, Sound velocity ≈ 6400 m/s longitudinal and ≈ 3100 m/s transversal
Two probe supports of acrylic (black)
One sample reservoir for taking a liquid and the material sample component

Artnr. Bezeichnung
10211 Acrylic sample
10213 Aluminium sample
10214 Sample reservoir
10215 Probe support