The Brainsaver and its developers: Project manager Priv.-Doz. Karsten Lenk, Universitätsklinikum Leipzig (right), with fellow researchers Dr. Michael Schultz, GAMPT (left), Reinhard Fuchs, Universität Leipzig/ICCAS (2.v.l.) und Dr. Georg Stachel (second from left), Universitätsklinikum Leipzig. Foto: UKL/Stefan Straube

The Brainsaver and its developers: Project leader Priv.-Doz. Karsten Lenk, Leipzig University Hospital (far right), with research colleagues Dr. Michael Schultz, GAMPT (far left), Reinhard Fuchs, Leipzig University/ICCAS (2nd from left) and Dr. Georg Stachel (2nd from right), Leipzig University Hospital. Photo: UKL/Stefan Straube

As part of the interdisciplinary cooperation project “BRAINSAVER”, GAMPT has developed the hardware and software for an ultrasound-based measuring device to monitor the quality of cardiac massage. The research project is a collaboration with the cardiologist and idea generator PD Dr. med. Karsten Lenk, Managing Senior Physician at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Cardiology at Leipzig University Hospital and other scientists from the Innovation Center for Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS) at Leipzig University.
The ultrasound sensor is integrated into a cervical collar and is intended to indicate during cardiac massage whether sufficient blood is being pumped through the body’s circulation and to the emergency patient’s brain. The blood flow in the carotid artery serves as an indicator of the effectiveness of the cardiac massage
Initial tests on volunteers were promising and the device is now being tested in stages in clinical settings to verify its effectiveness. These studies are being financially supported by the German Heart Foundation with 95,000 euros.
The researchers hope that the “Brainsaver” can be used in future by rescue units, initially in Leipzig, to improve the chances of survival in the event of a cardiac arrest.

In January 2024, a press release appeared in Leipzig University’s health magazin “Liebigstraße aktuell”:

Gesundheitsmagazin Uni Leipzig - Presseartikel Brainsaver

Press release (german version)