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Artikel-Nr. VK-50201

Flow Measuring Set

Set including flow pipes with three different inside diameters, according Doppler prisms, tubes and connectors for the investigation of flow phenomena

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There are flow pipes with three different inside diameters for the investigation of flow phenomena. The connections are designed for 3/8″ tubes. The flow velocities and flow profiles in the pipes can be measured using the Doppler prisms to couple the probes on the pipe. The flow pipes can be combined with the standpipes for pressure measurement (order no. 50150) and the centrifugal pump (order no. 50130). In this way, a large number of interesting practical experiments can be carried out on the subject of flow phenomena. As well as the flow pipes and the Doppler prisms, the set also includes the tubes and connecting pieces necessary to construct a flow circuit (including Luer lock connections).

Technical Data

Material: acrylic
Pipe length: 300 mm
Pipe inside diameter: ≈16 mm, ≈10 mm, ≈7 mm
Connections: 3/8″

Spare Parts Spare part
50111 Doppler prism (1/2″)
50112 Doppler prism (3/8″)
50113 Doppler prism (1/4″)
50121 Tubes
50122 Tube connectors
50151 Flow pipe (16 mm)
50152 Flow pipe (10 mm)
50153 Flow pipe (7 mm)