Article No. VK-30500

BCF300 set (Bubble Counter for Microbubble Detection)

Ultrasonic Doppler device for the non-invasive monitoring and documentation of microbubble activity during extracorporeal circulation, incl. two ultrasonic probes of your choice (3/8″, 1/2″, 1/4″), complete set

The BCF300 – THE GOLD STANDARD FOR AIR BUBBLE ANALYSIS DURING ECC – is a precise measuring system for the non-invasive monitoring and documentation of microbubble activity during extracorporeal circulation. Using latest Doppler ultrasound measuring technique the accurate analysis of the particle size distribution in the blood of the ECC is possible. Its outstanding precision in measuring size, number and volume of microbubbles  can help to improve the quality of the extracorporeal circulation and single components of the HLM.

The continuous advance in perfusion technology – especially bypass systems miniaturisation – is very demanding for safety functions. In this connection, BCF300 outperforms by far conventional bubble detection systems through its precision and flexibility. BCF300 monitors simultaneously the venous and arterial ECC line by use of advanced technologies. They detect smallest gas embolisms (micro bubbles) that occur typically in arterial line subsequently to filter just as precisely as big gas activities (bolus) in venous line.In addition, BCF300 is able to transform each embolism event into an acoustic signal for the determination of micro bubbles in size and volume. This makes available an alarm function that clearly reduces the embolism risk by the early detection of gas contamination.BCF300 can be integrated into all heart-lung-machines without problems.All embolism events are automatically logged during surgery and can be subsequently evaluated directly at the device. For this purpose, BCF300 can be extended to a convenient PC workstation in few steps. The measure dates analysis allows a detailed assessment of all embolism-relevant surgery activities. The course of events can be considerably optimised this way for the benefit of patient safety.The measuring data documentation forms an essential part of perfusion report. For this reason, BCF300 offers a program package that equally supports data evaluation and documentation. Additionally, the data can be exported to all standard programs (e.g. Excel) or for external archiving.Targeted measurements of individual ECC components result in further improvement of perfusion systems and setup.The gas embolism management by means of BCF300 represents the safest way to careful patient treatment and embolism-poor perfusion!

30510 Device BCF300
30311 Power supply for BCF300
30316 Ultrasonic Gel (50ml)
30312 Grounding Cable
30219 Bracket for BCF300
30318 Calibration protcol
30333 Transport case
30314 Input devices for BCF300
  BCF300 Software, BCF300 Manual, BCF300 Quick Guide
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