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Artikel-Nr. VK-10230

Rayleigh Wave Attachments (pair) for Probes for GS200/GS200i

A pair of acrylic attachments for 1 MHz ultrasonic probes of the GS200/GS200i for stimulation and reception of surface waves (Rayleigh waves)

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(for probes 1 MHz for GS200 / GS200i)
With this attachments adjusted to aluminium, surface waves (Rayleigh waves) can be stimulated and received in a sample. In this way, the sound velocity of the Rayleigh waves can be determined and statements can also be made about material faults close to the surface. The attachments have been directionally worked for optimisation of the signal amplitude and specially adapted to a 1 MHz probe.

Technical Data

Material: acrylic
Required excitation frequency (probe): 1 MHz
Diameter: 32 mm
Height: 10 mm


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