Article No. VK-16400


Compact ultrasonic measurement system with an ultrasonic array transducer and ImagePhantom for exploring how a ultrasonic B-Image is generated using the B-Mode-Imaging method as well as teaching basics of sonographic fetometrics

B-Mode-Imaging is an ultrasound technique frequently applied in medicine or in non-destructive material testing. Similar to X-ray- or MRI-Imaging this ultrasound method generates sectional scans of the inner structure of technical objects or living organisms, however without exposing them to any kind of radiation.
With our ImageSet you can easily demonstrate and grasp the complex method of B-Mode-Imaging right in your classroom.
For this purpose the ImageSet includes the ImageBoxSchool – a modern measuring and imaging system for generating ultrasonic sectional scans. The ImageBoxSchool is complemented with an array probe, as currently applied in medical diagnostics and features 64 convexly arranged single transducer elements.
The set also contains the ImagePhantom, which has acoustic characteristics similar to those of human tissue. The built-in model represents features of a 15 to 17 weeks old fetus.
By means of the measurement software, typical dimensions of a fetus can be examined, including the crown-rump length, head diameter and head circumference and the length of the femur (thigh bone).

1 ImageBoxSchool
1 ImageProbe
1 ImagePhantom
1 Water bottle
1 Manual and experiment instructions
1 Storage box
power cable, USB cable, software

Dimensions: 111 mm × 45 mm × 226 mm
Power supply: external power unit, 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
PC connection: USB
Operating mode: B-Mode, reflection

ImageProbe: convex array probe including 64 single transducer elements

Dimensions: 170 mm × 155 mm × 95 mm
Material: polyurethane & contrast particles
Sound velocity: approx. 1460 m/s
Fetus stage: 15 – 17 weeks of pregnancy