Article No. VK-21000

High Intensity Hydrophone

High Intensity Hydrophone MH-HIFU-0.2

Active diameter: 200 µm
Sensitivity (typical): 25*10-9 V/Pa @5 MHz
Max. pressure: 120 MPa
Usable frequency range: 0.8-70 MHz
Frequency response: +/-6 dB @0.8-70 MHz

Membrane diameter: 55 mm
Outer diameter: 130 mm
Height: 50 mm
Min. measure distance: 8 mm, front side only

  • measurements of highest pressure amplitudes of HIFU sources
  • regulatory measurements according to IEC 62649
  • characterization of focal properties and aperture
  • dosimetry and constancy test of HIFU sensors and devices
  • quality check for manufacturing of HIFU sensors
  • clinical centers with HIFU treatment applications
  • certification laboratories
  • manufacturers of ultrasound sensors and devices