Article No. VK-50112

Doppler Prism 3/8″

Acrylic attachment for 3/8" flow pipe for investigations of frequency shift using three different incidence angles

The Doppler prism serves as a connection between ultrasonic probe and flow pipe and/or tube. Due to its design it can be simply and securely coupled to the flow pipe or the tube. The planar surfaces allow simple coupling of the ultrasonic probe. The strength of the frequency shift depends largely on the angle between the irradiated ultrasonic wave and the direction of flow. The Doppler prism makes it possible to irradiate with three different angles and thus to investigate the influence of the Doppler angle on the frequency shift.

Material: acrylic
Adapter for tubes/pipes: 3/8″
Angle of incidence: 30°
Delay line: 30 mm

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