Article No. VK-50150


Pressure scale with four standpipes, tubes and connectors for integration into the flow circuit (article no. 50201) for the investigation of flow laws

For the investigation of the flow laws according to Hagen-Poiseuille and the Bernoulli’s equation, the pressure ratios along a flow line must be measured. A simple, but very clear method here is pressure measurement with standpipes. The pressure drop along a pipe can already be seen purely visually from the falling head of the liquid columns. The pressure scale has four standpipes, which can be connected through the provided tubes and Luer lock tube connectors with 3/8″ tubes. The tube connectors provided are connected to the measuring points in the flow circuit (order no. 50201). The scale is divided into centimetres and millimetres. It is up to the student to carry out the conversion into corresponding pressures.

Material: glass
Length of the standpipes: 1000 mm
Length of the tubes: 800 mm
Connections: Luer lock, male