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Article No. VK-16100


Compact ultrasonic measurement system with single-element ultrasonic transducer and various testing objects for exploring basic phenomena of ultrasound physics and their technical use in medicine and industry

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Ultrasound plays a greater role in our daily lives than we expect. Everybody knows the ultrasound images of a fetus but did you know that the parking sensors in our cars also use this technology?
With our EchoSet you can vividly demonstrate basic phenomena of ultrasound physics and their technical use in medicine and industry by going through different experiments.
The core of our EchoSet is the EchoBoxSchool – a modern ultrasound measuring system, especially designed for pupils, completed with a single element echo probe. The included software allows to study the basic ultrasound imaging procedures step by step, starting with an one-dimensional echo image (A-scan) to the two-dimensional sectional image (Bscan) leading to the three-dimensional sonographic display.
The EchoSet includes various test objects and samples to run simple tests such as: time-of-flight measurement (A-scan), determination of sound velocities, generation of a B-mode image from several single A-scans and creation of an ultrasonic 3D-picture from a series of B-scans.

Scope of Delivery

1 EchoBoxSchool
1 EchoProbe
1 Set of acrylic cylinders
1 Set of material samples
1 Test block (transparent)
1 3D pyramid model
1 Squeeze bottle
1 Manual and experiment instructions
1 Storage box
power cable, USB cable, software

Technical Data

EchoBoxSchool, Dimensions: 111 mm × 45 mm × 226 mm
Power supply: external power unit, 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
PC connection: USB
Operating mode: A- and B-Mode (pulse-echo-technology), reflection
EchoProbe: 2 MHz single element probe
Set of acrylic cylinders: 20 mm, 40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm × 40 mm
Set of material samples: 20 mm × 39 mm; PVC, acrylic, brass, aluminum
Test block with various reflectors: 150 mm × 80 mm × 40 mm, transparent acrylic
3D pyramid model: 140 mm × 142 mm × 150 mm, assembled of 6 acrylic panels