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Sound Field Instrumentation and Sound Field Measurement


The knowledge of sound field characteristics like the distribution or intensity becomes more and more important, not only for the quality management and control of medical devices, but also for the development of sensors and probes for industrial applications.
In cooperation with the National Metrology Institute of Germany, the PTB Braunschweig, we developed different hydrophone models and ultrasonic sensors for the Sound Field Measurement over the last years. Beside these sensors we also offer a 3D scanner and further matching accessories.

Products for Sound Field Measurement

Sound Field Measurement - Equipment

Sound Field Instrumentation
Hydrophones, HIFU, Thermoacoustic Sensor

Sound Field Measurement - Accessories

3D Sound Field Scanner, Holder, Absorber

Schallfeldvermessung - Service

Sound Field Measurement Service
Calibration and Trainings