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Produkt Informationen

Article No. VK-50130

Centrifugal Pump MultiFlow

Fluid pump for creating laminar and constant flow with different flow rates for the investigation of flow phenomena

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The centrifugal pump makes possible a laminar and constant flow with different flow rates as a precondition for the investigation of flow phenomena. The flow rate is adjusted via the speed control of the pump in the range from 0-10 l/min. Here the display either shows the motor rotation speed directly or a flow that can be calibrated by means of a potentiometer.
To simulate heart function for the experiments on Doppler sonography, the pump can be operated in three different pulse modes. The pump here produces pulsatile flow curves with different rising and falling edges. The pulse duration (equivalent to heart rate) is variably adjustable.

Technical Data

Connections: 3/8″
Pump power: max. 10 l/min, adjustable
Display: LCD
Supply voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz


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