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Artikel-Nr. VK-10250

Hydrophone for Echoscope (GAMPT-Scan)

Acousto-electric transducer for investigating characteristics of sound field of an ultrasonic probe equipped with special plug for connection to the echoscope (GAMPT-Scan)

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The hydrophone can be used to measure the characteristics of sound field of an ultrasonic probe (e.g. order no. 10131-10134). The near-field length (focus zone) can be determined from the amplitude modulation along the central axis of a sound probe. Similarly, the lateral extension of the sound field can be measured at different distances from the probe surface. The hydrophone is suitable for a frequency range of 1-5 MHz and can be connected directly to the receiver input of the GAMPT-Scan (order no. 10121). In the simplest case, the measurements are carried out by shifting the hydrophone by hand or by using the CT scanner (order no. 60100, see experiment PHY10). For both variants, there is an appropriate support (order no. 60123) for the hydrophone.

Technical Data

Frequency range: 1-5 MHz
Dimensions: length = 125 mm, width = 24 mm
Diameter of active sensor area: 3 mm
Cable length: approx. 1 m


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