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Article No. VK-50160

Arm Phantom incl. Doppler Fluid

Realistic model of a human arm with integrated vessels and a stenosis for carrying out experiments on the subject of Doppler sonography in vascular diagnostics

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This realistic model of a human arm allows an introduction into the methods of ultrasonic Doppler diagnostics. These methods demand a high degree of knowledge of Doppler sonography and its results. With the arm phantom it is possible to demonstrate the fundamental principles and functioning of the methods. Different vessels and a stenosis have been integrated in the arm phantom. When this is combined with the centrifugal pump MultiFlow (order no. 50130) a number of experiments can be carried out on the arm. In these experiments, the students can measure typical spectra of continual or pulsating blood flow. By means of the curves measured, the flow, pulse and resistance index can be calculated. Additional measurements include the determining of the average and maximum flow velocity within a flow profile. In the area of the stenosis, the increased flow components can be detected in positive and negative direction before and after the narrowing of the vessel. The arm phantom is supplied including connecting tubes, filling funnel and Doppler fluid (250 ml).

Technical Data

Skin and tubes made of silicone

Spare Parts Description
50140 Doppler fluid (1 liter)

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